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Native speaker w Stojedynce – uczymy się od najlepszych!

Hello. My name is Jack Gawel and I’m a native speaker residing in Olsztyn, Poland. I’m a graduate of Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Communication Design. I began my teaching career 12 years ago after moving here from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States. Before living in Milwaukee for almost 20 years, i had the pleasure of living in Maryland, New Jersey, Missouri, Illinois and Ohio. Today, I am proud to call Olsztyn my home.

During the week, I stay busy giving one-on-one conversation lessons, where I specialize in colloquial English; helping students of all ages and abilities feel comfortable speaking the English language. When I’m not teaching in my home office, I spend a couple of evenings per week teaching English at one of the largest chains of language schools in Poland.

Throughout the summer holiday, I happily spend my time at an English language camp on the Baltic Sea, teaching and mentoring Russian children and teens from Kaliningrad.

English language proofreading, copywriting, text editing and voice-over recording is also a part of my forte. Over the last 12 years, I’ve managed to build a bountiful portfolio of voice-over projects, including dictations, narrations, and point-of–sale video marketing collateral and capability videos for high profile companies in the United States. One of my favorite projects was providing voice commentary and written scripts for X-Box Arcade and RedBull brand energy drink. (I didn’t produce this video, but you can check it out here on YouTube, starting at 1:40)

I find great satisfaction in helping people of all ages improve their spoken English skills, and look forward to embarking on many more rewarding experiences throughout my teaching career.  I truly LOVE my job, in part, because of the wonderful young people that I have the pleasure of teaching at Stojedynka and I’m thankful for the opportunity that Mrs. Iza has provided me.

Best Regards,


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